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Still you love your EX-GIRL/BOY FRIEND? “FACEBOOK “Answers…..,

Love – the most powerful word in the world. We fall in love many times and we enjoy the moments.

No need to explain about love much. So, I directly enter into the topic.


Are you free right now? Can you spend 2 minutes for me? If yes, then just think about your Ex-Girl/Boy Friend. I hope that this time is enough for you.


“Butterflies are flying…….,

  Your favorite color flowers are falling from the sky ……,

   Now, Your Ex-BOY/GIRL Friend is coming in front of you……,”



Oh! No…!!! This is not a romantic film. Now you just think about the happiest moments…,


How FACEBOOK Answers?



ü  Find your Ex-Girl/Boy Friend’s name

This is normal. After the FACEBOOK registration, we can see “Find Friends” option. We are searching our college, school friends and our team (sports, music, etc.,) mates by using their name or mail ids.

After sometimes, you are searching your Ex-Girl/Boy Friend’s name on FACEBOOK.


ü  Closely watch his/her Activities

You never send messages / friend requests. But you closely watch her activities. Notice her wall (time line) and the interests. Compare with your interests and you enjoy yourself. If he/she loves anyone else, you closely watch that person’s profile also.


ü  Show “YOU”

If she comments anything, you should comment that thing to show you are in FACEBOOK. Your comments are totally different and so stylish. You realize it.


ü  Invite his/her friends

You want to improve your relationship closely with her. So, you add his/her friends on your circle. (Show by mutual friends)


ü  Enjoy Profile Photos

Whenever you go on her wall, you watch his/her photos again & again and enjoy yourself.


ü  Password Change.

Your Password would be your Ex-Girl/Boy Friend’s name or their nick name. Often, you pronounce it.


ü  FACEBOOK Hunter

If your Ex-Girl/Boy Friend is not in FACEBOOK, you search her name often and search his/her friend’s name and try to find him/her in their profile.


ü  Send Friend Request.

Finally, you convince yourself and send the Friend Request. If your love is broken by some misunderstandings or he/she is not married still now, you just send a message and Friend Request.


ü  Read & Share

You still love your Ex-Girl/Boy Friend, you read this article and share to others. (Especially your Ex-Girl/Boy Friend).


ü  And Also…,

If you are doing everything, still you love your Ex-Girl/Boy Friend.